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A practical guide for PAs

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OSCEforPAs has formulated the step-by-step practise guide to enable you to stand out from your peers in your national exams and flourish in your physician associate course at university. These OSCE BANK is filled with national exam OSCE like scenarios, up to date with current guidelines and are uniquely prepared for physician associate students. These stations have been prepared for you by a number of qualified physician associates working in different disciplines, GPs, registrars and have been through a vast vetting process to mirror the national OSCE exam. 


We will be launching exclusive packages on different dates all of which comprise different number of stations so that you feel most prepared for your national exams. As we surely believe there is nothing like enough practice, it is practice that will make you perfect. Practising for you OSCE national exam has never been this easy. 

Choose your OSCE Package

  • National Essentials

    Essential practice for you OSCE nationals
    Valid for 3 months
    • 7 OSCE practice stations
    • Timed Stations
    • Candidate & Actor Instructions
    • Mark Scheme With Each Station
    • Tips & Tricks For Each Station
    • Detailed explanation available after each station
    • Average scores of other candidates for comparison
  • History Essentials

    History Taking Stations Essentials
    Valid for 3 months
    • 10 History OSCE stations
    • Timed stations
    • Dedicated explanations after each station
    • Varied stations based on topics from the FPA OSCE Blueprint
    • Average scores of other candidates for comparison
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