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Mark Scheme

Station 3


You have been asked to see this 65 year old patient named Michael West during your evening clinic in general practice. He has been complaining of this ongoing cough which has been affecting his work.


  • Take a focused history 

  • In the final minute, answer any question from the examiner

Michael West 

65 years old 

Construction Worker


You are a 65 year old male who has come into your GP surgery after noticing this cough for the past 2 years which has worsened in the last month. It has mostly been a dry cough but more recently you noticed you are bringing up a thick green mucus, you deny any blood in the cough. If asked when the cough is worse, it's in the mornings, you deny cough is worse at night. The cough is getting worse and is now affecting your work and you are having to do COVID PCR test before you come into work so the site knows it is safe for you to continue working. You deny any chest pain, however, you have noticed you are getting more short of breath recently, particularly when you are walking for too long. You do not need any pillows to help you sleep and you have never woken up gasping for air. 

You deny any other symptoms. 


You believe this might be another chest infection and expect to be treated with antibiotics because that always does the job. 


Past Medical history


Drug history

Allopurinol 100mg  


Past Surgical history 

Tonsillectomy in 1994

Social history

Current smoker, a pack a day for 45 years

8 units weekly - Beer 

Family History

Hypertension in Mum 

Diabetes in Brother aged 58





History of presenting complaint

System review

Past Medical History

Drug History

Family History

Social History



Answer examiner question

Ask in final minute




Your Score

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